Nucleus Cloud

nucleus onboarding flow


About Nucleus

  • Nucleus Cloud is a YC backed Startup founded in the Summer of 2022.
  • Nucleus automates infrastructure, security, observability, integrations and more to help members build and deploy services on Kubernetes in record speed.

The Problem

  • Users who have recently registered or signed up do not successfully complete the intended onboarding flow.
  • Users not completing the onboarding flow results in negative outcomes such as hiegher likelihood of abandonment, decreased user satisfaction, and integration rates.

The Solution

  • Build a User Onboarding Flow to:
  • Help users know what benefits they will receive from completing each process within the flow.
  • Help users learn how to use core features: downloading the CLI, building and deploying service, and creating integrations.
nucleus design process

Product Walkthrough

nucleus productnucleus product
nucleus productnucleus productnucleus productnucleus product
nucleus productnucleus productnucleus productnucleus product

Competitive Analysis

sysdig logo


  • Clean and modern design with clear messaging and easy navigation.
  • The website provides informative content, downloadable resources, and contact forms for potential clients to get in touch.


  • The pricing information is not on their website, which could be a potential barrier to entry for new customers.
  • Sysdig faces competition from open-source alternatives in the microservices monitoring and observability space.
kong logo


  • Visually appealing design, with a focus on showcasing their microservices development platform’s features and benefits.
  • The website offers clear messaging and testimonials to establish credibility.


  • Kong’s user interface may be perceived as complex and overwhelming for users who are not familiar with API gateways and microservices architecture.
  • Limited customization options.

Iterative Designs

welcome pagewelcome page
nucleus clinucleus cli
services pageservices page
integrations pageintegrations page

Final Design & Implementation