My Pilosophy

Don’t blame the user, blame the design.

I approach design with the goal of gaining a deep understanding of human behavior while acknowledging its nuances across individuals and contexts. Instead of expecting users to adapt, I believe in adapting solutions to effectively meet their needs.

I am passionate about my recommendations being value-sensitive and accessible, all while making technology work for humans and human good, as well as business needs.

I believe in empathy-driven design, crafting intuitive experiences that remove complexity, advocating inclusivity, and leveraging technology to enhance lives.

Personal Life

Originally from North Carolina, I moved to Oakland almost six years ago to pursue personal goals. I am an avid semi-pro soccer player in the Bay Area and am currently in wedding planning mode with my girlfriend of four years. We love to get outside with our pups, strength train, play soccer, watch soccer, and generally lead an active and healthy lifestyle with our friends and family.